Gel Nail Polish & Nail Gel Kit

Gel Nail Polish & Nail Gel Kit

Get your nails done with the best gel polishes

It is impossible to achieve a stylish, neat nail design that is practical and durable without a high-quality decorative coating. Gel nail polishes are the perfect solution. Suitable for salon and home use, they quickly gained popularity in the beauty industry and became an indispensable tool in nail art. Check out our selection of high-quality gel polishes from leading brands like Moxie, Lac It!, TNS and Kiara Sky. We offer competitive prices and fast shipping Australia-wide.

Enjoy perfect nail coating with premium gel polishes

Gel polishes are a hybrid of gel and classic nail polishes. Combining the best qualities of both coatings, they offer a safe, aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting way to decorate nails. You can be assured that your manicure won't be damaged: laundry, cleaning, hot baths, UV lights, or salty ocean water are not a threat. 

Additionally, their benefits include:

  • An absence of an unpleasant odour.
  • Good mixing ability for creative experiments and smooth transitions.
  • Suitable for nail art and decorating with rhinestones, broths, sliders, stickers and more.
  • Up to three weeks of colour retention.
  • Ease of application and removal.

In addition, quality gel polishes do not harm the nail enamel and are safe for frequent use. There are no harmful components like dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or formaldehyde often found in cheap decorative coatings. Their safe formula makes them the number one choice for durable and stunning nail design.

With proper care, gel polish can be used even on brittle, exfoliating nails providing strengthening and protective effects. With such a solid, durable yet flexible coating, natural nail plates become much thicker - virtually unbreakable.

Create your own unique design with gel nail polishes

Glamorous shine and bright colours distinguish gel polishes from other nail coatings. With an extensive selection of shades, every fashionista can find something they love. Exclusive collections with original effects like thermal, glitter, chameleon and more are a favourite.

They provide ample opportunity for creativity, and with additional decorations, the possibilities for nail designs are virtually limitless.

Apply gel polish in a single layer for a translucent and gentle shade, or add more colour to create a denser, deeper, and more intense design. 

Browse our nail polish collection to choose your new favourites, or shop for a ready-made nail gel kit for more inspiration. All products are manufactured based on the latest technological advances using top-notch, eco-friendly materials. Make your nails stand out while strengthening them in a simple and efficient manner.

Find everything for your nail care needs with The Nail Shop

At The Nail Shop, we offer a full range of top-qualitynail care products, including nail polishes, dip powders, gel liquids, salon equipment, embellishments, oils, creams, wraps, treatment solutions and more.You can also benefit from our training workshops - we sell all the necessary equipment to start your nail-art journey or level-up your skills.  

In addition to providing affordable, professional products, we strive to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. Take advantage of our convenient payment methods, flexible delivery options and friendly customer service. Our focus is always on people first, and we do our best to meet all our customers' needs.

Let us know if you have any questions - we're happy to help and provide guidance at any step.

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