Love Heart Nail Art Fimo Slices - Great for Valentines Day!

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Love Heart Nail Art Fimo Slices - Great for Valentines Day!

You will receive a bag of approximately 1 1/2 teaspoons.

Create gorgeous perfect looking hearts on your nails or your clients nails with these thinly sliced fimo pieces. Ideal for embedding in liquid and powder acrylic or gel nails.


Instructions for Embedding Slices for Nail Art

Embedding in Acrylic Enhancements

Apply a thin layer of clear, glitter, or colored acrylic to the nail (this will be the colour behind the fimo design). Then apply the clear acrylic over the nail and place the sliced piece on the wet uncured acrylic. The slice will become flexible when wet by the brush. However, if the sliced piece is too thick, it will 'bend' back to its original shape. Help the slice to keep your desired shape by slightly pressing it in your acrylic Add additional clear to cap the design and to build the desired nail shape. If the slice which is embedded is too thick, when dry you can file it down and then cap it in clear.
When you are using canes with a translucent 'background', be sure to place the slices into the liquid monomer to get it as clear as possible and avoid visible dry spots. It will look like lifting if you get air trapped dry spots between the slice and the acrylic.

Embedding in Gel enhancements

Apply thin layer of Base gel and cure the nail. If applying a background colour, do this now and cure. Place cane design where you want on the nail and add your builder gel or thinner gel topcoat and cure. If you have difficulty hold the cane within the nail gel, use plastic wrap (i.e. glad wrap) to hold fimo in place and then cure. 

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