Mitty Build-Me Brush On UV/LED Builder In A Bottle 15ml - Add Strength or Use For Press On Tips!

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  • Mitty Build Me Brush on Clear Builder Gel 15ml
  • Mitty Build Me Brush on Clear Builder Gel 15ml
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This Mitty kit will provide you with both strong and beautiful nails with Mitty's NEW Build-Me Brush On Builder in a bottle. This can be used onto the natural nail to add strength before applying gel polish or it can also be used to great strength when applying to artificial nail tips. Checkout the video below! Each layer cures in 60 seconds in a UV/LED lamp or 2 mins in a UV lamp!

Easily removable with TNS Acetone or TNS Soft Soak-Off.

YES, you can this product to adhere "press on" nail tips!

Please note that you will need to clean and dry the nail plate with nail polish remover or isopropyl alcohol prior to applying this product.

For "heavy lifters" nail primer is available in store.

This item is flammable and can not be sent by Express Post


Step 1: Clean your hands using sanitizing spray or gel. Manicure your nails by gently pushing back your cuticles.

Step 2: Clean and dehydrate the nail plate using nail polish remover or an alcohol wipe.

Step 3: If you are using tips to lengthen your nails, apply the tip using nail glue and file the tip down so that the surface between your nail and tip is even. Gently remove the shine from the nail plate and the nail tip using a sponge file.

Step 4: Dust your nail with a nylon or dust brush to remove the filings.

Step 5: (Optional) If you require primer apply it the natural nail but not the nail tip.

Step 6: Brush on a thin layer of the Mitty Builder Gel and cure. Do not wipe this layer.

Step 7: Apply a thicker layer and spread it with the brush side to side. Make sure you stay away from your cuticles.  It is best to aim for a level layer specially in your free edge (part of your nails that extends passed your cuticles). Cure.

Step 8: Assess the shape and thickness of your nails. You can add a third layer if you like to have thicker nails or if you see uneven areas. Remember to not wipe the nail between layers.

Step 9: If you are ready to shape the nail you can now clean the tacky layer with alcohol.

Step 10: Refine and buff your nails into shape using a 120/180 grit. We want to reduce any excess product around your cuticle area and the free edge.

Step 11: If you need to apply more gel to the nail you can. Just remember that the gel will only stick to a matte or tacky layer.

Step 12: Once filed and you are happy with the shape remove the dust filings with a nail brush and apply a third layer as your top coat and cure. Alternatively you can apply your gel polish clear or colours.




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